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Canvas Giclee Prints

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Canvas Giclee Prints

Canvas Giclee Prints


Canvas Giclee Prints

Our canvas giclee prints are made using Sunset Select Matte Canvas, which has a bright-white matte surface that provides the widest color gamut and color consistency we have found.  Every print on canvas we produce is made one at a time and meticulously inspected to ensure the best possible output.  Once the work is printed and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours a protective UV sealer is applied, the sealer also gives a satin finish adding richness and depth to the final image.


Canvas giclee prints are not limited to paintings.  We have created beautiful photographic editions on canvas in close collaboration with fine art photographers.  These photographic editions can be museum wrapped, giving them a very fresh and contemporary ready to hang look.

Canvas Giclee Prints by

© – Canvas Giclee Prints: 5 x 5 to 40 x 40 inch

We have also produced custom works for artists that want to, in some way change their originals and create a unique print on canvas.  We have scanned original art that is 5″x5″ at very high resolutions in order to print to canvas at 40″x40″.  As a result the final print has a very interesting texture which came from the enlargement of the original canvas weave.  Other artists use the print to canvas as a layer to create a mixed media original, hand working the image with drawing and painting materials and even transferring other digitally created images.  The final outcome is a beautiful and complex original work of art.  Paintings, drawings, sketches or even 3 dimensional objects can be scanned, color proofed and print to canvas.  The canvas print can then be worked on by hand and scanned once again, making yet another print from the new scan.  This is quite an interesting process that opens unlimited possibilities to artists interested in experimenting and exploring new ways to create their work.



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