Art Scanning

• Capture every brush-stroke & delicate detail
• See all textured areas in sharp detail
• Print museum-quality prints of your work
• Best color-accurate giclee prints

Art Scanning

Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevedo, owner of Prints Giclee Shop

Gerardo Gonz​alez-Quevedo

Prints Giclee Shop's Owner 

What is Fine Art Digital Scanning?

"Fine Art Digital Scans involve taking an original work of art and turning into a master digital file with the help of a fine-art scanner. This master file allows the artist to create high-quality Giclee Prints."

Why are Art Scans Important?

The essential part of producing high-quality prints of your artwork is having a good Art Scan.

Capturing a quality image of your art is not as simple as taking a snapshot with your cellphone or digital camera. In fact, photographing artwork is more complicated than product photography. Even if you are an expert at photographing objects, a full-frame digital camera won't yield a versatile, high-quality file. This statement is especially true if you want to print medium to large sizes while maintaining sharp details.

Scanning your artwork with a fine-art scanner will give you the best results. Professional artwork scanning services offer a complete color-calibrated workflow from capture, editing/proofing, and final print.

With a good art scan, it will be difficult to see the difference between the original and the final print. You will need to touch the print to realize that any textured areas are flat!

Art scanning detail area showing quality of the scan

Detail Section of Scanned Artwork Image

Our Artwork Scanning Services

Over the years, we have modified and added services to best support our customers' needs. The most crucial concern has been to offer an affordable service while maintaining the highest quality possible. Therefore, we came up with the "Scan for Print" and a "Scan for File" options. We produce both scans in the same manner. The difference is in the size and resolution of the digital file we provide to you.

We Offer Two Options to Scan Your Art

Scan for Print

  • We scan your artwork at 300 DPI
  • Color proofs are available for you to see, approve, and sign  
  • We create all your prints from this master file
  • Prints Giclee Shop will provide you with a link to download a lower resolution JPG version of the scan

Scan for File

  • This scan is for the artist who does not want to reproduce his/her work
  • We scan your artwork at 300 DPI 
  • The file is proofed to screen (unless you are making prints with us)
  • Prints Giclee Shop will provide you with a link to download a TIFF full resolution file

Additionally, if you are creating your giclee prints with us and also want to have a copy of the full resolution image, you can order a Scan for File. Similarly, you can start with the Scan for Print option and pay the difference at a later time to receive the full resolution scan.

Here at Prints Giclee Shop, we use a custom-built digital fine-art scanner that allows us to scan original artwork up to 8 feet square. We calibrate our equipment every week to keep an accurate color workflow from start to finish.

Your art is held vertically on our wall; the scanner runs vertically up and down to capture the piece. The scanner can be manually focused, allowing us to keep a slight distance from the art, ensuring the safest scan possible.

Since the distance between the scanner and the art is minimal, we can capture brush-strokes, faint washes, lines, and deep shadow detail. You can expect incredible sharp detail, accurate colors, and all the subtle details present in your original piece!

Canvas scanning services

Canvas Scanning Services

What Should I Keep in Mind if I Want an Art Scan of My Artwork?

We can scan flat art, collages, textures, and uneven/raised areas to 1/2" thick. It is best not to apply any glossy varnishes or mediums until the scan is made to prevent glaring. If your art has a glossy finish, we can still make a fantastic scan; it will just take a bit longer to produce.

Artwork that is in a frame is not a problem. Prints Giclee Shop has an art framing shop in-house, so we can remove and put back the frame for scanning. Additionally, we can scan any stretched canvas up to eight feet in any direction.

Once the art scanning is completed, we can clean/remove any areas you might not want in the final print. We can remove signatures, pencil lines, and any other unwanted areas.

When scanning artwork created on textured or colored papers, we can also remove (at your request) the background to show the print paper texture/color.

Our standard fine-art scans are 300 DPI at the size of your original piece. With this scan, you will be able to make a print up to twice the size of your original if you so desire. Larger prints are possible if you request a larger scan.

Art scan color proof and original comparison

Original Art and Color Proof from Art Scanning

What Can You Do with a Digital Fine Art Scan from Prints Giclee Shop?

The short answer is - Anything you want.

Our art scanning services will give you the highest-quality files available. You will be able to create fine-art giclee prints on paper and canvas as well as our other alternative surfaces such as metal, bamboo, and acrylic prints.

You will also be able to reduce or increase the size of your prints as desired. Use your scan files to create postcards, posters, social media, web marketing, art show submissions, and more.

Giclee prints created from art scanning the original canvas painting

Giclee Prints on Paper Created from Art Scan


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