Giclee Printing

Color Accurate & Archival

• Professional grade large format printer
• Archival pigment inks
• Acid-free fine-art papers or canvas
• Expert, hands-on color calibration, and color correction
• Create any custom size up to 60" x 120"

Giclee Printing

• Professional grade large format printer
• Archival pigment inks
• Acid-free fine-art papers or canvas
• Expert, hands-on color calibration, and color correction
• Create any custom size up to 60" x 120"

Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevedo, owner of Prints Giclee Shop

Gerardo Gonz​alez-Quevedo

Prints Giclee Shop's Owner 

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What is Giclee Printing?

"The word Giclee is pronounced "jhee-clay," it comes from the French verb "gicler," which means to spray, or squirt - precisely how a Giclee printer works."

Giclee Printing is The Merging of Several Key Components

  1. 1
    The use of a professional-grade large format printer
  2. 2
    Archival pigment inks
  3. 3
    Acid-free fine-art papers or canvas
  4. 4
    Expert, hands-on color calibration, and color correction

Gallery-quality Giclee Printing involves the use of custom profiles, accurate color correction, and expert art scanning. Image files need to be between 240 and 300 DPI to produce a Giclee grade print. Fine Art Giclee prints can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other printing technologies. 

No matter how sophisticated our printers are, it would be impossible to get good results without an excellent art scanning system and color workflow in place. Our flatbed scanner, together with our custom over-sized scanning table allows us to capture original art measuring up to 8′ in any direction. All our equipment is fully calibrated with each other, allowing us to produce color-accurate Giclee Prints.

Artists and photographers can take advantage of Giclee printing services offered by companies such as Prints Giclee Shop.

giclee printing

Why Should You Choose Our Fine Art Giclee Printing Services

We are expert artisans in love with our craft!


color proofing for giclee printing

Prints Giclee Shop has been working with artists and photographers since 2004. Our artisans are experts in color calibration and color correction.


color proof editing

After scanning your art, we make proofs and corrections as needed to make sure the print will accurately match your original.

Our knowledge using professional software such as Photoshop allows us to work on individual areas of a photo. Isolating sections and colors let us make changes to those areas without altering others.

Attention to Detail

Fine art printer inspecting a fine art print

Your Fine Art Giclee print is always hand-inspected and carefully protected for shipping or pickup.

What are the Papers Used to Make Giclee Prints?

There are many papers and other supports available for fine art giclee printing.

Selecting the right media for your image depends on many factors.

  1. 1
    The artwork itself, i.e., subject, scene, mood
  2. 2
    If the image is in color or black and white
  3. 3
    How the final Giclee will be displayed
  4. 4
    Your taste and preferences
Fine art reproduction on textured watercolor paper

There are Two Main Groups of Fine Art Printing Papers

Matte Papers

Matte Art Papers are usually more textured and more substantial in weight. Although an excellent choice for most photography, Matte Art Papers are traditionally paired with reproductions of paintings, watercolors, and drawings.

Fine art matte paper

Photo Papers

Photo Papers are mostly smooth and come in different surface finishes such as metallic, glossy, luster, and pearl. Additionally, there are fiber-based Baryta Photo papers that are reminiscent of the silver halide darkroom papers.

Fine art photo paper

Following is a Selection and Brief Description of Some of Our Favorite Papers

German Etching

Acid-free, 100% cotton, 310 gsm in weight. One of our favorite textured, matte art papers.

Hahnemuhle German Etching is ideal for Giclee reproductions of original watercolors and oil or acrylic paintings.

HGE is capable of producing luscious colors and crisp details from both your original art and photography.

Optica One

A matte, acid-free, 300 gsm, 100% cotton fine art paper with a smooth surface.

Optica One yields vibrant colors and deep blacks. This natural white paper is perfect for photography and art reproductions.

Photo Rag Pearl

This paper is 320 gsm, 100% cotton, and acid-free. A beautiful satin surface with an innovative pearl finish. Photo Rag Pearl delivers elegant, warm tones and is ideal for fine art photo prints.

Fine Art Canvas

A 470 gsm fine-art acid-free giclee canvas. The canvas is bright white and OBA-free and comes with a matte finish.

We prefer to start with a matte canvas such as this one and apply a beautiful, even satin UV finish.

Making a quality fine art reproduction is as much an art form as creating the art itself. Today, anyone can use automated presets and software to get a print. It takes a trained professional with an eye for color to get an exceptional quality print.

Artwork Printing Services

Giclee Prints Can Significantly Help the Success of Any Artist.

  • An artist offering high-quality, long-lasting reproductions of a painting or drawing can reach a broader audience.
  • With your Giclee edition in hand, people that could previously not afford to buy your work can purchase a quality print of the same image they love.
  • As a photographer, you can create prints of your digital files on the material that bests suits your image. You can decide to offer a single copy or multiples of the same photo.
Artwork printing services

Fine Art Printing for Artists 

Fine art reproductions are not limited to original paintings or drawings. Artists working in different media can also benefit from this service. Here are some of the artists we collaborate with and the techniques they use:

  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Collage artists
  • Collage artists
  • Watercolorists
  • Digital artists


Flatbed Fine Art Printer has been a full-time photographer for almost a decade. He travels and camps all around Florida, capturing its natural beauty with his camera.

We collaborate with Paul producing most of his large-scale photography, especially Aluminum Prints. We suggested Aluminum Prints to Paul. We wanted to show him how printing on aluminum with our Flatbed Fine Art Printer would bring out the incredible textures in his images.

Paul can do what he loves by selling his work to commercial locations, office spaces, and private collectors.

Fine art photography by Paul Marcellini

Fine Art Photography by Paul Marcellini


Linda Apriletti is a fantastic Florida Plein Air artist. Her confident brush strokes capture the beauty of nature with a personal style.

When we first began working with Linda, she was painting during her spare time. At the moment she worked as an accountant in a large firm. Linda started making scans of her originals, followed by open-ended editions on poster paper.

Eventually, we suggested that she should make limited edition prints on premium paper. Linda selected Hahnemuhle German Etching to complement her work. She now offers her hand-signed prints with elegant mats.

Today Linda is a successful full-time artist, using her studio in Miami Springs as a base. She focuses on painting the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp in Florida.

Turn your paintings into exclusive art editions with our professional printing services for artists.

Fine art printing limited edition giclee for Linda Apriletti

Ready for Rainy Season - Limited Edition Print by Linda Apriletti

Collage Art

Francisca Oyhanarte makes small-scale collages of skulls, vampires, and other figures. In her own words: "I am inspired by anything while exploring my dark side." Her work is candid, vibrant, and full of energy.

We collaborate with Francisca by creating large-scale, hand-signed editions from her small originals. Our high-quality art prints show all the details present in her collages. The paper fibers, folds, and shadows take center stage when presented in such large dimensions.

Fine art giclee color proofing

Color Proofing Artwork for Collage Artist Fancisca Oyhanarte


Watercolor artists expertly saturate thick, textured papers with water and vibrant colors. Well-made art prints need to capture the subtleties and details present in the originals.

Michelle Lowe is a Florida Keys watercolor artist. Her work has a Tropical theme, inspired by diving, fishing, and kayaking.

Michelle teamed up with us to accurately reproduce her watercolor art. She first took a unique approach by turning her watercolors into giclee on canvas. Recently the artist added prints on paper that she successfully sells out of her studio and website. Michelle also offers custom large size prints from smaller originals.

Artwork printing services

The Invader by Michelle Lowe

Digital Art

Digital artists create their work exclusively on a computer or tablet. Painting, drawing, photo manipulation, or any combination are possible. There is no limit to what you can do digitally. However, your art should not stay in the digital form.

Jose Molestina is a digital artist from Ecuador. He is an illustrator and storyteller that loves to draw and paint using a computer. Jose focuses on comics and portraiture. He creates limited edition art prints here at Prints Giclee Shop.

Over the years, Jose has made fantastic canvas prints as well as prints on paper such as Hahnemuhle German Etching. He also has produced his commissioned portraits directly on bamboo. Jose runs a successful art business, selling his work from his studio and online via his website.

Digital portrait of robert de niro by artist jose molestina

Robert De Niro by Jose Molestina

Bring your digital masterpieces to life with our fine art printing services now!


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