What is the Difference Between Giclee and Inkjet?

Giclee Printing

A common question asked is what is the difference between giclee prints and inkjet prints? It’s easy to confuse the two because, on the surface, giclee and inkjet seem similar. Both techniques use ink fired through specially designed print heads. However, the terms truly refer to the specific printing methods used, and there are major […]

3 Unexpected Ways To Display Art in Your Home

I have personally spent hours searching online for the most unique photo display ideas for my own pictures. Because there are so many photos in my collection that I love, it’s on my list to get this project done. BUT – getting my photos off my phone and actually get them printed seems to be […]

Don’t Replace Your Artwork Until You Read This!

As we grow older or move into new spaces (or move in with a new person), we realize it is time to replace at least – if not all – of the artwork we currently have in order to match our current style. At some point, hanging your favorite Star Wars poster is a bit […]

Giving Art As Christmas Gifts

That’s it. Christmas is coming! It’s only 15 days away. You’ve started shopping early this year. You’ve tried to be thoughtful. But you are stumped. And we get it. People you know very well now suddenly seem super mysterious. You do your best to remember their hobbies and other things they like, and at the […]

How to Display Your Artwork

While creating your piece came naturally, displaying your artwork might seem like a daunting task. It is often difficult for people to find the perfect height and spacing for their artwork on a wall. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to help improve your overall experience with this and to have your artwork […]

Creating Abstract Art

creating abstract art

When painting abstract art, it can be difficult to know what angle to take on things. Fortunately, there are some tips on creating abstract art that can really help you to get the results you’re looking for. While it might seem like a lot, remember that art is always subjective. To begin the tips on creating abstract art, […]

Printing Artwork on Canvas

Canvas Prints

The Advantages of Printing Your Artwork on Canvas Instead of Paper Printing If you have an interest in printing your artwork, you may find yourself wondering if it is best to use canvas or paper for printing artwork. As an artist, you know and understand that the process of printing your work is the final […]

Choosing Wall Art

Giclee on Fine Art Paper

If you feel at a loss with what to put on your blank wall at home, think themes and textures along with colors. It should all combine to make an interesting yet comfortable atmosphere in your home. Choosing wall art for your home is subjective since you want to choose what you like even though you also […]

Miami Wall Art

Miami Wall Art

It is said no two people see the same tree. If you can grasp this, you will get a better understanding and appreciation when choosing wall art. It is especially beneficial if you decide to branch out into abstract art. You will never know what kind of tree the artist had in mind and chances […]

Increase Interest with Photos on Canvas

Acrylic Photo Prints

Amateur and professional artists hope to take a photograph that excels most others in quality and expression. It can happen at any moment. Perhaps it is the result of a choreographed photo shoot or possibly a random shot taken deliberately or by accident. Today’s professional printers offer museum quality printing for photos on canvas in […]

Fine Art on Canvas

canvas prints

When it comes to producing artwork or photographs for the purpose of hanging, there are a few ways to get the job done properly, though the primary method is usually paper or canvas. While many are quick to go to paper, there are several disadvantages. For example when you print on paper, you may have […]

Bring Zing to Your Photos with Acrylic Photo Prints

acrylic print

Bring Zing to Your Photos with Acrylic Prints Heavy, hard to carry cameras are a thing of the past. Today amateur photographers use their phones exclusively! What’s a great way for both amateurs and professionals to display photos and digital images they especially like? Instead of going to your local paper printer. Consider, acrylic prints as an […]

Photos on Acrylic – A Collaboration with Photographer Nick Koudis

When Los Angeles photographer Nick Koudis was commissioned to create four custom images for a client,  he trusted Prints Giclee Shop to do the job. We collaborated with Mr. Koudis to print and mount his photographs as Acrylic Photo Prints as well as to assist him in the installation of the pieces. It was a great […]

Exhibiting Giclee Prints as Fine Art Limited Editions

Artist Lee Hutton, a New York based artist who now resides in Boynton Beach is exhibiting his giclee print editions at Nestler Poletto Sotherby’s International Realty of Boca Raton. Lee Hutton is the first artist exhibiting in the new year-long monthly series of art openings entitled, “An Evening with the Artist”, that will take place […]