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Art Frames

Art Framing Miami by Prints Giclee Shop

Art Framing Miami by Prints Giclee Shop

Prints Giclee Shop offers museum quality art frames and art mounts.

Some of our specialties include Floating Frames, Shadow Boxes, Mat Floats and Glass Floats.

We have available a vast selection of art frame mouldings in different styles from all major manufacturers.  We also offer a selection of frames called “Economy Frames” which we provide at a special price.  These frames are in black or white and are all wood.

Following is a selection of art frame samples as well as moulding that we are featuring on our site.  To order frames upload a small JPG of your image to our “Framing Visualizer”, you can see your image with the different frames we are featuring on the online store.  You will also be able to try different mats etc.  If you are interested in other designs, or more complex framing, please contact us directly 305-282-9154.

 Featured Frames in our online store (HG)