Matte Acrylic Prints

A Clear View of Your Image Without Reflections.

• Custom Sizes: From ​4" x 4" to 60" x 96"
• Acrylic Finish: Matte
• Print Surface: Glossy or Metallic
• Thickness: 1/8"
• Backing: Dibond Aluminum
• Hardware: Aluminum Sub-frame

Matte Acrylic Prints

• Custom Sizes: From ​4" x 4" to 60" x 96"
• Acrylic Finish: Matte
• Print Surface: Glossy or Metallic
• Thickness: 1/8" 
• Backing: Dibond Aluminum
• Hardware: Aluminum Sub-frame

Matte Acrylic Finish 

Why Should You Choose Matte Acrylic Prints?

Matte Acrylic Prints have an anti-reflective film which cuts down reflections 80%-90% when compared to glossy Acrylic.

A Matte Acrylic Print brings the incredible look of an Acrylic Print with the refined qualities of glare-free fine-art. You should choose this option if you are concerned about reflections and glare preventing the viewing of your artwork.

Matte acrylic prints

Premium Print Surfaces

Choose between Photo Gloss and Photo Metallic papers.

Photo Gloss

Our Premium Photo Gloss paper displays a high-gloss finish with a bright white base. Your pictures will have vivid colors and deep contrast.

Since Photo Gloss paper does not have a pearlescent coating, your picture will not have a metallic look.

Premium glossy paper for matte acrylic prints

Photo Metallic GLoss

Photo Metallic gloss is a premium paper with a pearlescent finish. Achieve deeper, richer blacks and more vibrant colors while keeping the original look and feel of your image. 

Photo metallic paper for matte acrylic prints

Acrylic Thickness 

We use 1/8" thick Acrylic with 1/8" this Dibond backing for an overall thickness of 1/4".

Non-glare acrylic prints

Backing Support & Sub-Frame

We use Dibond as the backing support for all our Facemounted Acrylic Prints, including Matte Acrylic Prints.

Dibond helps prevent your Acrylic from arching over time. This benefit is critical, especially for larger print sizes.

Your Acrylic photo will arrive ready to display with our premium aluminum sub-frame. Installing your print takes a few seconds. We provide all the hardware necessary to do the job!

Dibond backing and sub-frame for matte acrylic photos

Your Matte Acrylic Prints

No Reflections = No Distractions.

Achieve a sophisticated, elegant look with Matte Acrylic Prints. Your photos will exhibit well balanced, vibrant colors and clear details viewable from every angle. Choose Non-Glare Acrylic Prints for subtle depth with an elegant soft appearance. This option is especially recommended for preventing reflections when displaying your pictures across from windows.


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