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    New Online Store - Order your "Gallery Wrap" image to canvas and Photos on Acrylic "PlexiMounts", See what your image looks like with a black or silver "Frame" in our new "Visualizer" area.

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Prints Giclee Shop Gives You Choices

UploadUpload an image from your computer.  We are able to work from Iphone images as well as Instagram.
BuyArtBuy Art from our collection.  Search by color, theme, subject, from Abstract Art, Pop Art, Photography and more!
CreateCreate!  Choose the perfect frame, or mounting.  Make Canvas Prints or Acrylic Pictures, print your Artwork or Photos on a variety of photography and fine art papers.  Frame your prints with our professional Art Framing services.
ArtScanArt Scanning of your original artwork is a must for the best results in Giclee Printing and Fine Art Reproduction.




Prints Giclee Shop was established in 2004 and opened it’s doors at it’s current location in Miami, Florida in 2009.  We are an artist owned and operated fine art print studio focusing in producing the best archival quality print products possible.  We specialize in creating Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Giclee Printing, Picture Framing and Art Scanning for professional artists, designers and art enthusiasts.

Our print studio currently has 5 Epson fine art printers, including two Epson 11880 printers (64″ wide), two Epson 9900 printers (44″ wide) and one Epson 9880 printer (44″ wide). Our equipment is fully color calibrated to each other for the best possible color accuracy.  For creating Acrylic Prints and Art Mounting, we have two pressure sensitive mounting machines with the ability to produce acrylic prints and mount to aluminum in sizes up to 60″ x 120″.

We offer acrylic prints (PlexiMounts) in gloss and non-glare acrylic.  The gloss acrylic comes in various thicknesses such as 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″.  We also offer Acrylic Photo Blocks in 1″ thick acrylic with polished sides.  All our acrylic prints are back mounted using DiBond an aluminum composite material.  Acrylic Photo Prints come with a fully integrated aluminum frame brace hanging system, there is no “Standoffs” (4 wholes in front for hanging).

Prints Giclee Shop will print your artwork and photos as Canvas Prints and Giclee Prints on matte fine art papers and fine art photography papers.  We offer canvas gallery wraps in 3 thicknesses and any custom size you might need.

We are Picture Framers and specialize in creating Shadow Boxes and Floating Frames.